Introduced mammals including rats and stoats threaten New Zealand’s unique environment and wildlife. Our knowledge of the impacts that introduced mammals have on native biodiversity in urban areas is currently limited. We are placing motion-activated cameras in forest habitats across Wellington to estimate distribution and abundance of introduced mammals. This information will help us improve our understanding of their impacts on bird diversity.
In 2014, we collected over 60 000 photos and uploaded them to a trial version of this website. During this trial we were surprised with the overwhelming response. Over 300 users helped us identify the animals from the photos in less than one month! The success of last year's trial raised interest from government agencies, such as Wellington City Council and the media.
This year, we collected over 100 000 new images to continue researching Wellington’s wildlife in a fun and scientific manner. You can help us increase our understanding of introduced mammals in urban areas by identifying the animals recorded in the photos.

The team is formed by:


Victor Anton


Andre Geldenhuis

Dr. Heiko

Dr. Heiko Wittmer

Dr. Stephen

Dr. Stephen Hartley

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For more information about the project, please feel free to contact Victor Anton. For any technical issues, please contact Andre Geldenhuis.

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